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My weight loss journey

 For more than a decade, I have struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. Reasons for my difficulties ranged from stress to lack of energy to lack of nutritional knowledge to various health complications that limited my mobility. In more recent years, my son’s unexpected illness, his dependence on me to care for him, and the inability for consistency in my daily routines played a more vital role my inability to shed those dreadful pounds.

Fortunately, my son is doing better now, my schedule is more open, and I can resume a more normal daily routine. My newfound time has led to me taking baby steps towards my weight loss goals. Between October 2016 and January this year,I lost 15 pounds and I am working hard to stay on the path to reach my goal of losing 100 pounds or more.

I created this blog to let everyone that follows my page join me on my journey. My objective is to let you see accomplishments, challenges, and failures. I expect this journey to be long and hard-fought, but well worth it in the end. 

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21 Day Fix

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Fun workout

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